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sysdbd(1) Manual Page


sysdbd - system management and inventory collection service


sysdbd [options]


sysdbd is a multi-backend system management and inventory collection daemon. It stores system and inventory information about hardware and software systems. This information is (continuously) collected from various configurable backends.

The main daemon itself is the central instance managing all collected information and doing the correlation of objects provided by different backends. It basically acts as a database server. All data retrieval, any further processing, storing and exporting of data is done by plugins.


sysdbd accepts the following command-line options.

-C <file>

The main configuration file. This file defines the behavior of sysdbd by specifying default settings and the plugins to be loaded.


Do not daemonize on startup: Rather than starting sysdbd as a background process detached from the current terminal and session (the default), run the process in the foreground. This allows easy monitoring of sysdbd.


Display a usage and help summary and exit.


Display the version number and copyright information.


SysDB requires all client connections to a database server to be authenticated. The following authentication mechanism are supported at this time:

Peer authentication for UNIX domain socket connections

Connections via UNIX domain sockets are authenticated by obtaining the client’s operating system user name from the kernel. The name has to match the username used to connect to the server.

SSL certificate authentication for TCP connection

SSL client certificates will be used to authenticate TCP connections. The cn (common name) attribute of the certificate has to match the username used to connect to the server. Note that full client and server verification is currently enforced on all TCP connections.



The default main configuration file for the SysDB daemon.


The default SSL private key and certificate files to use for SSL connections.


sysdbd accepts and handles the following signals:


These signals initiate a clean shutdown and termination of the daemon.


This signal causes the daemon to re-read the configuration and reconfigure all plugins. Plugins which are no longer in use will be disabled and unloaded. Open client connections are not affected by this.





Failure (syntax or usage error).


None known.


The SysDB homepage:


SysDB was written by Sebastian "tokkee" Harl <>.

Copyright © 2012-2014 Sebastian "tokkee" Harl <>

This is free software under the terms of the BSD license, see the source for copying conditions. There is NO WARRANTY; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Latest Releases:

» 0.8.0 — 2016-02-25
» 0.7.0 — 2015-02-21
» 0.6.0 — 2014-11-17

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