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2014-07-02: Version 0.2.0

This is another development snapshot of SysDB. The main focus of this release is on stabilizing existing features and extending the query infrastructure to support all attribute types and further operators.

  • build system: Fixed linking of sysdbd to include all necessary object files. This bug caused some plugins to be un-loadable.

  • sysdbd: Fixed shutdown process in case of errors.

  • sysdb: Fixed a bug causing some server replies to be ignored when exiting from the client.

  • core:

    • Always log to the standard output stream if no user-provided logging callbacks had been specified. Previously this was disabled after enabling logging to clients in the frontend.

    • Simplified plugin naming information and determine configuration callback names automatically to ensure better consistency.

  • store:

    • Simplified internal data management.

    • Store the list of backends along with each stored object which provide the respective object.

  • frontend:

    • Simplified and improved the internal architecture matching / looking up objects.

    • Fixed parser to correctly reject invalid object types.

    • Automatically create the base directory of a listening UNIX socket.

  • query language: Added support for numeric constants and added operators for less and greater than or equal attribute comparison.

  • documentation: Added missing files to the distribution tarball.


  • syslog: Don’t log debug messages to syslog.

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