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2014-08-01: Version 0.3.0

This release includes major enhancements and new features in the SysDB store which is the core of the database. Most notably, complex expressions are now supported when looking up information and filters may be used to preselect the information to be returned. Some backward-incompatible changes were introduced in the query language to avoid potentially confusing semantics.

  • sysdb: Fixed non-interactive mode when using libedit.

  • core:

    • Fixed weird behavior when collector callbacks were registered without any plugin context information (as it would, e.g., happen when using LoadPlugin instead of LoadBackend in sysdbd).

  • store:

    • Introduced service attributes — similar to host attributes but assigned to a service object.

    • Don’t log “value too old” messages if an updated object uses the same timestamp as the old object.

    • Switched from linked-lists to AVL trees for storing all object types to reduce lookup times from O(n) to O(log n).

    • Added infrastructure for handling and evaluating arithmetic expressions and filters (see also the changes to the query language below).

    • Export various fields describing base attributes of all stored object types: last_update, age, interval, and backend. These fields may be used when querying the store.

  • frontend: Include new service attributes in JSON output.

  • query language:

    • Added support for ‘IS NULL’ attribute checks matching on non-existent attributes.

    • Changed ‘LOOKUP … WHERE’ queries to ‘LOOKUP … MATCHING’ to avoid confusion with SQL semantics.

    • Switched from ‘<obj>.name’ to ‘<obj>’ in MATCHING clauses, thus, no longer shadowing attributes called “name”.

    • Added support for arithmetic expressions in places that used simple data values before. Arithmetic expressions support addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulo, and concatenation operations. The expressions may be based on constant values or queryable fields of the stored objects (specified as ‘:last_update’, ‘:age’, ‘:interval’, and ‘:backend’).

    • Added ‘FILTER’ support to ‘LOOKUP’ queries. Filters are conditional expressions which may optionally be used to limit the query and the result to object (of any type) matching the filter condition.

    • Added support to specify date and time values.

  • utils:

    • avltree: Added an AVL tree (self-balancing binary tree) implementation.

  • documentation: Added documentation for the new query language features.

  • testing: Run all unit tests through valgrind by default (if available).


  • collectd::unixsock:

    • Added support for spaces in identifiers.

    • Store plugin identifier (host, plugin, plugin_instance, type, type_instance) as service attributes.

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