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2014-09-01: Version 0.4.0

This release features support for metrics and transparent access to a backend’s time-series data. Some backward-incompatible changes were applied to some query commands for more consistency.

  • build system:

    • Added checks for format strings and arguments.

    • Changed configure option for collectd::unixsock to --enable-collectd-unixsock.

  • core:

    • Added support for “metric” objects which may be assigned to a host.

    • Introduced support for handling time-series data: added new data structures describing time-series data and a new type of plugins called “time-series fetchers” which are used to access time-series information.

  • store:

    • Fixed a memory leak.

    • Apply (very) simple optimizations to lookup expressions.

    • Added support for metrics and their “data-stores” (describing how to access the actual data references by a metric).

    • Added support for querying time-series data through the newly introduced “time-series fetcher” plugins.

  • frontend:

    • Fixed a bug that might have caused reading too much data from the connection buffer in certain situations.

  • query language:

    • The ‘MATCHING’ clause is now optional in ‘LOOKUP’ queries.

    • The ‘LIST’ and ‘FETCH’ commands support ‘FILTER’ clauses as well.

    • ‘LIST’ / ‘FETCH’ were changed to ‘LIST hosts’ / ‘FETCH host’.

    • Added the ‘TIMESERIES’ command to query arbitrary time-series which fetches time-series data from a backend’s data-store for a given period of time.

    • Added support for date/time values.

    • Added support for single quotes in string values: two adjacent single quotes may be used to specify a single quote.

  • documentation:

    • Documented the frontend protocol in frontend/proto.h.

    • Documented changes to the query language and new / updated plugins.

    • Documented all supported data types.


  • collectd::unixsock:

    • The plugin now uses metrics in place of services.

    • New config options ‘TimeseriesBackend’ and ‘TimeseriesBaseURL’ to specify access to time-series, currently limited to ‘rrdtool’ and ‘rrdcached’ access.


  • timeseries::rrdtool:

    • New plugin adding support to fetch time-series from local RRD files.

    • Supports flushing of values in RRDCacheD.

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