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2014-10-06: Version 0.5.0

This release focuses on simplifications and more flexibility in the frontend and the query language. Most of those changes are not backward-compatible but easy client implementations.

  • sysdb:

    • Include priority when printing log messages.

    • Fixed handling of empty queries.

  • store:

    • When serializing the entire store (LIST command), return an array of host objects (rather than wrapping it into another object).

    • Fixed JSON format of time-series data.

    • Fixed error checks of invalid compare expressions and reject them.

    • Fixed lookups by back-end name.

    • Added support for comparing attributes with different types by comparing their string values.

  • frontend:

    • Clarified details about asynchronous messages and authentication options and made client implementation more robust.

    • Introduced a new message type encoding the JSON serialized response of a query and its data type.

    • Include the priority in log messages.

    • Include object types in FETCH, LIST, and LOOKUP messages.

    • Added support for including services and metrics in LIST responses and skip hosts without the respective children.

  • query language:

    • Added support for services and metrics to LIST command.

    • Changed syntax for attribute lookup to attributes[<name>].

    • Changed syntax for accessing queryable fields to .<field>.

  • utils:

    • strbuf: Improved memory management.

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