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2015-02-21: Version 0.7.0

This release introduces various features related to running SysDB as an agent. Objects may now also be submitted by arbitrary applications using the network protocol. Two new plugins are available to collect local facter fact values and to mirror all store operations to another instance. Various fixes and improvements have been applied to the client program (sysdb).

  • build system:

    • Added support for C++.

  • sysdb:

    • Fixed terminal resets on exit.

    • Don’t exit if the server closed the connection; instead reconnect automatically on the next user input.

    • Fixed string parsing: previously, quoted strings were not handled at all and might have been terminated by an embedded semicolon.

    • Also store failed commands in the history to enable history editing in such cases.

    • Improved program output: don’t mix log messages with prompts after sending a command; print log messages to the standard error channel.

    • Fixed lookup of the .sysdb_history file for cases where the SysDB user does not match the current operating system user.

  • sysdbd:

    • SSL options can be specified inside a <Listen> block.

    • Unload all plugins on exit to ensure a clean shutdown.

  • client:

    • Simplified RPC handling by providing a helper function.

    • Added support for TCP connections using SSL/TLS and supporting, both, IPv4 and IPv6. Remote peer verification is required for any such connection.

    • New command line flags -K, -C, and -A to specify the SSL private key, client certificate, and CA certificates file names.

  • core:

    • Fully support arrays of all types.

    • Fixed (implemented) reloading of time-series fetcher plugins.

    • Added new callback type for "store-writers", making that part of the store pluggable (queries are not supported).

  • store:

    • Added support for querying an object’s siblings.

    • Send all stored objects to store-writer plugins in addition to storing them in the in-memory store.

  • frontend:

    • Fixed parsing of time values.

    • Add support for storing hosts, services, metrics, and attributes using the new STORE command.

    • Fixed handling of subsequent requests on the same connection by avoiding unnecessary pauses of up to one second, thus, greatly speeding up request handling.

    • Added support for TCP connections supporting, both, IPv4 and IPv6. SSL/TLS is enforced for any such connection.

    • Added support for and require actual client authentication: UNIX socket connections require peer authentication. TCP connections require client SSL certificate authentication.

  • query language:

    • Added support for expressions accessing an object’s siblings by using the <object_type>.<sibling_type> syntax.

  • JSON format:

    • Fixed handling of special characters which are now being escaped.

    • Include a flag indicating whether time-series data are available for a metric.

  • utils:

    • os: This utility module provides some Operating System related helper functions: access user information (current user, homedir), manage directories (create, delete, resolve), I/O helpers (select, read, write), networking helpers (DNS resolution).

    • proto: Added support for marshaling and unmarshaling messages encoding a datum of any type, hosts, services, metrics, and attributes.

    • ssl: This new module provides convenience functions for SSL/TLS servers, clients, and sessions using OpenSSL.


  • facter: Added a plugin collecting local facter fact values using libcfacter (C++).


  • store::network: Added a store-writer plugin sending all data to another SysDB instance using the client library and low-level STORE commands.


  • syslog: The log-level is now configurable using the "LogLevel" option.

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