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The SysDB documentation consists of manpages covering each tool and all plugins shipped with the core distribution, the SysDB query language and some generic overview documents. All manual pages are written using the AsciiDoc document format and shipped as part of the core distribution.

Documentation is a critical part of all software. As such, we take good and complete documentation very seriously. Also, it is a great way for everybody to contribute to Open Source projects. Any contribution in that area is highly appreciated and very encouraged. Also, this website is managed in Git as well and available from Github. Feel free to propose changes by opening an issue or sending a pull request.


The top-level manpages provide an overview of how SysDB works and how to use the server and client tools.

Backend Manpages

Backend plugins are the working horses of SysDB and responsible for collecting the information stored in the database. They provide means to connect to the backend systems, query relevant information, and submit them to the central store. Plugins may be loaded dynamically into the SysDB daemon.

Store Manpages

The central part of SysDB's database is the object store which stores all objects (hosts, services) known to SysDB. The implementation is provided by a "store" plugin and may be backed by arbitrary data-stores. At least one store plugin has to be loaded to let the daemon do its work.

Time-series Fetcher Manpages

Time-series fetcher plugins provide generic means to retrieve time-series data from a backend's data-store. All plugins providing metrics information may also provide the necessary details about how to access the respective data-store. This may require additional configuration for the backend plugins. See their respective documentation for details.

Plugin Manpages

Other plugins may enhance the daemon in various ways, for example, by providing hostname canonicalization functionality.

Language Bindings

Language bindings allow you to interact with SysDB using other programming languages.

  • The package for the Go programming language (golang) implements a client for SysDB.

Latest Releases:

» 0.8.0 — 2016-02-25
» 0.7.0 — 2015-02-21
» 0.6.0 — 2014-11-17

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